Daryl Guberman: An Insight of Your Quality Management System

Daryl Guberman, CEO of Guberman-PMC LLC

Daryl Guberman, CEO of Guberman-PMC LLC

Quality management system is a very important aspect of any business enterprise. In order to survive in this competitive world, every business should maintain high quality of services as well as products. Today, the people have a wide choice. Hence, it becomes imperative on the part of the business entities to improve and maintain the high standards. Governmental agencies issue a number of certifications to businesses such as ISO 9000 and ISO 9001. These certificates are essential for the growth of the company.

ISO 9001:

We have seen the important aspects of ISO 9000 certification. Now we shall have a look at the ISO 9001 certification standards. As you know, the ISO 9000 certification deals with the fundamentals of the Quality Management Systems (QMS) whereas the ISO 9001 deals with the requirements the business enterprises should acquire for fulfilling the ISO 9000 standards. Hence, both these certifications have a close relationship. You can take the assistance of consultants such as Daryl Guberman to attain the ISO 9001 specifications.

Who is Daryl Guberman?

Daryl Guberman is a high-quality consultant with over three decades of experience in the field. He has expertise in a variety of fields ranging from aerospace and medical implants to printing fields. Over the past thirty years of dealing with various companies, he has managed to save millions of dollars for these companies through his constructive suggestions. He displays an unrivaled dedication to quality while maintaining constant communication with his customers at all times. He plays a stellar role in securing the quality certifications for his customers.

One of the main aspects of the QMS is the internal audits and management reviews. He does a great job in auditing the accounts as well as the manufacturing processes thereby ensuring that the company adheres to the highest standards of quality. He understands that the business enterprises find it difficult to spare staff for conducting auditing and doing the follow-up. Daryl Guberman and his team do a great job of auditing as well as representing the clients in various audit service committees and agencies.

In addition to conducting the audits, Daryl Guberman suggests remedial measures to the companies enabling them to improve their functioning. This can save them unnecessary expenditure too. This helps these clients to boost their revenues as well as comply with all regulations.

ISO 9001: The Contents:

The Quality management systems form the main part of the ISO 9001 certification. We shall now look at some of the major aspects of the QMS. You will find a number of elements in a QMS. We shall have a brief look.

Quality policy: Every business entity should have a well-documented quality policy. The document should list out everything that the company wishes to implement. However, you should ensure that you do not employ unethical means to fill up the quality policy document.

Quality objectives: Every quality objective should find a mention in the quality policy document. The Company should aim for high levels of quality objectives. Of course, you should ensure that the Company should be able to achieve these objectives. They should be reasonable.

Quality manual: The quality manual is a document that should include the quality policy as well as the objectives. It should also have instructions as to how you should be able to implement the quality policy to achieve the objectives.

Organizational structures: The Company should have a defined hierarchy system. It should clearly specify the duties of each of its personnel. The responsibilities should also find a clear mention of the structure.

Management of Data: Every process of the company will require data. The process also will create further data. There should be an effective data management system for the company.

Managing processes: Every business entity should have a set process. The entities should follow this procedure at all times to ensure proper and systematic growth.

Customer satisfaction: This is the most important aspect of quality management system. The customer is the final authority on the products and services of the company. The Company may be having the best products in the world. However, if it were unable to satisfy the customer, all efforts on the part of the company to market it would come to naught. Thus, customer satisfaction should be uppermost on the minds of the business entities when they formulate policies and take decisions.

Sustained improvement: The technology, as well as customer preferences changes every day. The business enterprises should be up to the task by having a flexible policy whereby they provide room for improvement at every step. This includes taking corrective as preventive actions as well. The entity should be in a position to consider customer suggestions while formulating these policies. After all, the customers are the ones who are going to decide the marketability of the product.

The quality of instruments: The Company should have instruments of high quality to measure the quality standards. They should constantly update them and ensure that the same are in perfect working condition at all points of time.

Documentation control: This is a major area of fraud. The Company should maintain the secrecy of the documents and keep it under its control. They should not allow any unauthorized access to the documents. This will ensure that no fraud can take place. The internal audits and management reviews done at regular intervals can enable to place a check on such pilferages.

Role of Daryl Guberman:

Daryl Guberman can play an important role in conducting the internal audits of the business entity at regular intervals. This will enable the business enterprise to be on their toes and strive to achieve maximum customer satisfaction. By conducting the audits, he gets access to the inside information of the manufacturing processes. Using his experience with other similar companies, Daryl Guberman can suggest perfect remedial measures to any irregularities in the system. This can help the businesses to plug the leakages and boost their revenue. In this manner, he has saved millions of dollars for various clients over his entire service of over three decades.