Chris Paris of Oxebridge Verbally Attacks Veteran Supporter Daryl Guberman and VOB 9009 For Promoting Independence

ATTENTION ALL VETERANS: Please be aware of the company Oxebridge Quality Resources operated by Chris Paris calling upon veteran-owned businesses to slander one of our founders Daryl Guberman. Those of you that know Daryl, know of his passion to assist Veteran-owned businesses and in many cases volunteer his services to help veterans, along with the staff here at VOB 9009. Because of this, Mr. Guberman has been under attack by Chris Paris, owner of Oxebridge Quality Resources, an offshore organization promoting an ISO certification and accreditation scam. Here’s the story…

It’s interesting that Chris Paris of Oxebridge, a professional in an industry where credibility is central to one’s ability to do business, would begin a blog post with an outright statement of falsehood. Perhaps it’s par for the course for ANAB acolytes who see their mother organization making fork-tongued claims and shady alliances on the regular, but it’s an obvious misstep to anyone who understands the concept of a rational argument and the fact that you can’t always trust blog posts and Facebook memes.

The point of this is not to engage in a back and forth “Na-uh/Uh-huh” competition like kindergarteners, but to point out Chris Paris of Oxebridge’ complete disregard for accuracy in his posts.

There isn’t an argument to be had here; no one is going to give “unrestricted rights” to an individual or organization who have seemingly dedicated the entirety of their spare time to the slander of that person’s name and livelihood. Pull this first thread and watch the sweater unravel.

Chris Paris of Oxebridge meanders the depths of internet bullying depravity in this piece, throwing out accusations and insults against Guberman that run the gamut of what not to do in the blogosphere, and in the process, betrays his malicious intentions with such a fierceness that he destroys the basis for his own argument.

Within only a couple of paragraphs, he labels Guberman a crook, a “man-child,” a racist, a nutjob and insane, as well as levels faleshoods about Guberman’s business that could arguably fall under the definition of libel. The old adage of “the empty tin can rattles the most,” couldn’t ring more true in this case, as Chris Paris of Oxebridge seems to be effective in making a lot of clatter but offers little of substance beyond the petty insults.

What exactly is all of this clatter meant to obscure? Perhaps Chris Paris of Oxebridge would like to drown out the truth about the utter lack of accountability in the present monopoly.

For example, Randy Doughtery, Vice President of ANSI-ASQ National Accreditation Board ANAB was simultaneously Chairman and President of the IAF (International Accreditation Forum), the organization that makes the rules for ANAB and other registrars in Europe that follow in ANAB’s lead. The power that Doughtery wields by sitting on both of these boards means he can basically fire, hire or retire any and all organizations that belong to the ANSI-ASQ= ANAB/IAF cartel.

Does that sound like the necessary checks and balances necessary for the legitimacy of a governing body? No more than if Trump were to be elected and immediately appoint himself Speaker of the House and Supreme Court justice in addition to his role in the executive branch. This is the broken system Chris Paris of Oxebridge is so desperate to protect through his trolling. Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain, he says. Question nothing.

From the assumptions on which his rants seemed to be based, we can conclude that Chris Paris of Oxebridge is hopelessly locked into the dogma of blind adherence to established authority, no matter how obviously compromised and corrupt.

Never, at any point of human history, have the agents of change for the betterment of humanity been conformists. Progress has never come from those content to stay within the existing structures spiraling toward obsolescence, but rather from those willing to question, to step out and create something better.

Still buy into Chris Paris of Oxebridge and his ramblings? If so, I have a bridge you might want to buy. Watch out, though. With all of Chris Paris of Oxebridge’ trolling, he might just be camped underneath it.